So here’s the deal: this isn’t the site it used to be. Which is fine.

For a few years, I maintained a photo-centric blog here. I never really found the right voice for it, I got tired of it, I killed it off. If you’ve found yourself following a now-dead link to this URL, I apologize.

Time to repurpose.

I need to run certain utilitarian things somewhere on the web, such as a personal knowledge base system for myself and my collaborators. And so, this is where those things will live for the time being. If you can’t see them, that’s probably because you’re not authorized to see them. But don’t feel bad, it’s nothing personal.

Future possibilities.

While I currently have no particular plan to resurrect the old site, I may begin to use the blog part of this site to compile certain resources and information that I think others might find useful. I may also make certain parts of the knowledge base public. If this happens, you’ll see a link in the sidebar for it.

For now, not much to see here.

Don’t worry about it, though. Good things are in the works.