A quick example of an image converted with Silver Efex Pro.
  Google’s Nik Collection is now free of charge! If you’re not familiar with it, this is a collection of excellent plugins that work with Photoshop, Lightroom, and Aperture. I am especially fond of Silver Efex Pro for B&W conversion. Now that the collection is free, if you use the compatible […]

Nik Collection now FREE!

This blog hasn’t been updated in an unforgivably long time. Regular content publication being one of the core imperatives of running a successful blog, taking something like eight months off of posting anything at all is very nearly blog suicide. It has, however, survived both time and my doubts. Truth […]

Aaaaand we’re back!

Adobe Lightroom running in OS X
Many of the photographers I know use their iPhones to make a lot of pictures. Sometimes for creative purposes, sometimes for documentary or practical purposes, but in any case the images tend to add up rather quickly. Getting them off the phone is something you might take for granted if […]

Transferring photos from your iPhone to your Mac

photo-otaku.com_sunwayfoto_DLC-50-6 4
After using the Induro BHL2 ballhead a little while, I loved it but wasn’t so hot on the clamp. It’s a good design, just not well suited to my preferences. I wanted a lever-actuated clamp. Many people go for Really Right Stuff clamps when they want a lever clamp, as RRS […]

Review: Sunwayfoto DLC-50 Quick Release Clamp

The Otaku Himself
Nineteen years after first picking up a camera, I am as obsessed with photography as ever I have been. It’s time to do more with it, though, and that includes doing more with this site. Photo Otaku, as I originally envisioned it, never developed appropriately. I take full responsibility for this. […]

The Photo Otaku of Tomorrow Begins Today

Little Maomi 1
  So apparently a bad plugin slipped some malicious bits into my .htaccess files on this blog. If you’ve recently tried to access it on a mobile device, you probably got redirected to a porn site. I am reeeeeeeeeeally sorry about that. The problem should be fixed now. Please accept […]

Apologies for the Porn

Back in November, the shutter 80mm lens for my Hasselblad went bad. The high speeds (1/60 and above) started going a little funky then stopped working altogether. This was a problem. When your favorite lens for your favorite camera goes bad, it’s distressing. The results were also frustrating. The thin and missing […]

Recommendation: Lens Repair in Shanghai

Even dogs like Diagnl 1
Way back in 2005 I drove from Columbia, Missouri, up to Chicago for the purpose of photographing an alleycat race. I shot with several cameras, but the important thing here is that I once again experienced a problem that had plagued me for years. Namely, riding a bike with a […]

The Diagnl Ninja Camera Strap and You

Brian. Denton, TX, 2008.
First creative act of 2015: back to editing images for my first book project, to be released later this year, titled “A Temporary Home.” Updates to come. In the mean time, however: I’m thinking I’m going to put out three versions – book (nicer), magazine (cheaper), and digital (for iPad, […]

A Fresh Start